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Guest Posting To Help Grow Your Online Business

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on January 1, 2012

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Guest posting is one of the fastest and most effective way to get a sudden increase in targeted traffic to your website when done correctly. There are two different sides to approach this from. One is from the point of getting others write guest posts on your blog or website and provide your readers high quality content that they will enjoy and the other approach is when you want to be you the one who provides content to other blogs or websites in exchange for links to your own website or blog. This is the prospective that we will be discussing here. This brings us to a very simple question.

What are the benefits of guest posting ?


The most important benefits are the following :

1.) Targeted traffic to your blog or website

2.) More opt-ins for your email list

3.) High quality back-links to your blog or website

4.) More name or brand recognition in your niche or market place.

As I said guest posting is probably the most effective marketing and traffic generation strategy that will not only help you get more targeted traffic, but it can also help you build your email list much faster than any other marketing strategy and become recognizable as an expert in your field.

The reason why guest posting can work so well is because if you do it correctly then you will be borrowing the influence, traffic and pagerank of an already established authority blog on your niche

Before you start using guest posting as a part of your marketing strategy you should first

make sure that your blog, website or offer converts. If you are just starting out and have not made any sales yet, then you may not be ready for this marketing strategy yet. The reason for this is that you have to be able to provide proven value to the readers and the blog owner that you worth to contribue on his/her blog.

Once you have proof that your blog or website is providing high value content and that your offer converts (at least some percentage of your visitors into buyers) then you are ready to look for other blog owners to work with. Your goal in working with another blog or website owner should be to give them a unique, high quality article that will provide something of value to their target audience.

This is what you will be offering them and in exchange you should be planning on receiving some of the above mentioned benefits of guest posting.

The way to go about guest posting is simple. Here are the steps that you should follow


Select blogs or websites in your niche that complement what you offer without being in direct competition. For example if you are in the weight loss niche and you promote a weight loss product then you will want to target other health or fitness related websites that promote a different type of health or fitness product.

In addition you should also make sure that the blogs that you select are well established and get good steady amounts of traffic. One way of checking this is by using alexa to check a websites ranking and traffic volume.


When you decide which blogs you want to write a guest post for do not hesitate and contact the blog owner. Most blogs that accept guest posts have a page (usually the name of this page is “write for us”) with a form where you can submit your guest post and ask the blogger to review it and if he/she likes it to publish it. If there is no “write for us” page you can send an email using his contact information. Once you contact them and they are interested in using your guest post, you will then want to verify when the post will be published and how long it will remain on their site.

Promote your Guest Post

After your guest post has been published and you verify that there is no problem, you should start promoting it thru your social media networks, blog or even your email list in order to generate as much traffic to this your guest post as possible. Bloggers love to see their post being shared and will certainly apreciate your effort. Another thing you should do in order to get the most of your guest posts is to respond to any comment readers write, in that way you will get even more traffic and backlinks.

Once you have successfully implemented these steps you can repeat the process as often as needed to help you continue to grow your business and income as well.

About The Author: Kostas Chiotis is an economist and entrepreneur both in the online and offline world. You can find his blog at OpportunitiesPlanet.com where you will discover a lot of useful information about freelancing, internet marketing, online opportunities, guest posting and much more by subscribing to OpportunitiesPlanet.com RSS Feeds

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