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As Promised, Google Unmerged and Re-Merged My Wife’s Google Places Listing

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on February 26, 2012

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The fun continues with my wife’s business listing in Google Places! As expected, Google has unmerged her listing with the Windermere Real Estate office in Richland. But it’s since re-merged the listing and created an even bigger mess. Ready to follow along?

Google emailed to let me know the merged-with-Richland issue was being fixed. Sure enough, the Richland office now has its own listing, no sign at all of anything related to Cari’s account. Good for them.

In the meantime, I updated Cari’s business name while all this was going on. I removed “Windermere Real Estate” and replaced it with “Real Estate Agent,” which seems to have helped disassociate the listing with the Windermere office listings.

But her listing has been merged again … only not with the main Windermere office in Kennewick, and not with one of her fellow agents, but it’s been merged with two other agents in her same office. Here’s the link for the live version, and here’s a screenshot showing everything that’s screwed up with this listing. (click for larger version)


Google has Cari’s business name, street address, office phone and fax number correct. And the middle three images in the “Photos & Videos” section are hers. Yay! But the rest of the listing is a strange conglomeration of her listing with the listings that belong to two other agents in the same building: Dallas Green and Chris Powell.

It has Dallas as the main photo, and then Chris’ photo shows down below in the “Photos & Videos” section. The worst thing is that it has Chris’ mobile number, not Cari’s … ergo, no calls for her from Google Places.

There are several pieces of content not from Cari’s account, but I don’t know where they’re from: the business hours, the “Real Estate Agency” category, the description and the video down in the lower right.

As I said in the post a couple weeks ago … SIGH.

We still have some data cleanup to do on her non-Google listings, which probably still reflect the old Richland address. But, as best I can tell, that has nothing to do with this merging problem. She’s not being merged with anyone in Richland — this is a purely Kennewick address issue, and the problem is that Google still sucks at dealing with multiple business owners at the same address.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of a Google Places listing gone haywire….I’m going to go use the “Report a Problem” and troubleshooter form right now and will include a link to this post for Google’s enjoyment.

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As Promised, Google Unmerged and Re-Merged My Wife’s Google Places Listing

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