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The Impact of Search, Plus Your World on Google AdWords

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on February 26, 2012

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Google AdWords and Search, Plus Your World

Digital marketing moves at a frantic pace, and I love that about the industry. There are times that small to moderate changes are implemented by companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, marketers take note, and then move on. And then there are times that those changes register a 9.8 on the Richter Scale, marketers are rocked, and the digital marketing world is changed forever. And that’s exactly what happened earlier this month.

On January 10th, Google rolled out Search, Plus Your World, which is a radical shift in how the search engine results are ranked and displayed. Google is now tailoring your rankings, based on your social activity (and that’s heavily influenced by Google+). To learn more about Search, Plus Your World, you should read my recent post about The Power of the Google+ Outlier. It’s a great example of how Search, Plus Your World could impact the search results (and in a massive way).

97% of Google’s Revenue
I find that many people outside of digital marketing don’t know that Google generates approximately 97% of its revenue from its AdWords platform. That’s a huge portion of Google’s revenue, and underscores the importance of paid search to Google’s business. So, when Google+ launched this past summer, I started thinking about how Google could monetize the social network (via AdWords+).

After analyzing the situation, it was clear to see that Google could be the first company to effectively connect Search and Social. Facebook can’t do this, since it doesn’t have a search engine (at least for now). Google can connect Search and Social since it has the largest and most powerful search engine on the planet, and a growing social network (now with over 90 million members). The resulting advertising platform could be incredibly powerful for both Google and its advertisers.

How Search, Plus Your World Could Impact AdWords (and vice versa)
Now that Search, Plus Your World is here, and it personalizes the search results based on your social activity, you know it’s just a matter of time before AdWords catches up. I fully expect Google to provide advertisers with robust targeting options based on both Search and Social data. In case you missed it last week, Google just updated its privacy policy explaining that it will now view users as one entity (across its products). So, information Google collects about you in Google+, Gmail, YouTube, etc. can now be combined to create a master profile of your interests and activity. Advertisers can then target you, based on that data.

So, in order to explain the potential advertising opportunities with SPYW, I wrote a post that went live on Search Engine Journal today. My post covers seven ways that Search, Plus Your World could impact SEM. The post includes possible new ad units, functionality, and targeting options, based on my experience with Google AdWords. Needless to say, AdWords+ has enormous potential for both Google and its advertisers. Think about it, Google can generate more revenue and diversify its sources of revenue, while advertisers can target audiences based on both interests and Search data. It’s a win-win.

An example of what’s possible…
I won’t ruin my post on Search Engine Journal for you, but I did want to provide a quick example of what’s possible with AdWords+. Now that Google provides personalized results with Search, Plus Your World, imagine if those personalized results could be sponsored by advertisers. The left-side organic results have always been sacred ground for Google, but the latest changes prove that the Search giant isn’t against changing the rules. Let’s take a look at a quick example.

I’m a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. Imagine searching Google for android phones, galaxy s smartphones, or Samsung smartphones and coming across this listing in the search engine results page (SERP):

Sponsored Personalized Listing in SPYW

Notice the last line with a “Sponsored” tag? Using AdWords+, Samsung might be able to tag my personalized listing with an advertisement. But, the ad leverages a social connection, which can make it even more powerful (and relevant). It’s very Facebook-like, but would be in Google’s search results versus stuck in a social network. That’s darn powerful.

AdWords, in your World
By now, I hope your intrigued by the concept of AdWords+ and what it can mean for marketers both large and small. The potential is amazing, and can drive more and more businesses to Google+. To view more examples of what’s possible now that Search, Plus Your World has rolled out, you should visit my post on Search Engine Journal now. It contains six other examples of what’s possible.

And after you read my post, you should start to prepare for AdWords+. It’s coming soon, and it’s too important to ignore.


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