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How to Create Videos: Cool New Windows Solution for Making YouTube Videos and Slideshows EZVid

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on March 19, 2012

I found this post interesting and I thought I’d share here:
I like to share interesting posts and information about internet marketing that read in my Google reader. Let me sort through the junk to bring you the real goods when comes to local internet marketing for small businesses. I thought this was super useful. if you like it be sure to share maybe subscribe to the authors blog: http://www.growmap.com

This is a guest post from Saif Ullah whose team created the new Windows Video Maker EZVid. I asked Saif to share with my readers what it can do for us.


Making Videos for YouTube…

…on a Windows machine can be a pain.

Using Windows Movie Maker is an option, but to get this to work on Windows 7 or Vista involves downloading the entire “Live” package, which contains a ton of bloatware, and Microsoft still has not enabled proper direct HD YouTube upload in Movie Maker. Worst of all: 

Windows Movie Maker crashes constantly.

Free Video Making Software Solutions

In terms of free solutions, there is web-based video creation software like Animoto, but the real problem is this:

Animoto is not free if you want to make more than a 30 second video.

In fact, if you want to make more than a 30 second video, you have to sign up for a SUBSCRIPTION with a credit card – a total ripoff – I mean, I pay a subscription for Internet access or for a phone bill, but to make slideshows? Huh?  This is the kind of thing that only makes sense to idiot venture capitalists ;)

So. You can also use the YouTube video editor – which is built into your YouTube account. Try it – but you’ll quickly find the fatal flaw –

In YouTube Video Editor you cannot add pictures –
only video – and the video has to be already
uploaded to your YouTube account. Crazy!

So we recently created EZVID, which is a super cool video creation solution for Windows. It’s an extremely elegant and dare-i-say beautiful piece of software, which provides only the necessary elements to make a great video.

Ezvid is a free video maker for YouTube
which allows you to make videos easily.

Better Video Editing Software

How EXVid exceeds the capabilities of other free video makers:

  • FORMATS: imports tons of different video – many more than Movie Maker – AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV and others…..
  • STILL PHOTOS: import still pictures in all kinds of formats – PNG, TIF, BMG, JPG – you name it.
  • IMPORT PROCESS: very well designed, providing a percentage readout so you know how long you have to wait for the video to be imported.
  • TIMELINE functionality is extremely simple… and the thumbnails are pictorial, so you can easily see what videos and images you are assembling and editing.
  • TEXT SLIDE FUNCTION: Comes with some cool fonts, and allows you to put in text before and after other bits of media so you can narrate what you’re sharing with your viewers.
  • COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC: EZVid includes a bunch of free music from 009 Sound System and Aalborg Soundtracks

EZVid music is totally legal for YouTube – Avoid copyright infringement claims
This is really important to ensure your YouTube account
does not get disabled or deleted!

EZVid also makes uploading your video to YouTube a snap. Check out the video (above) at about 2:40 and you’ll see you do it all from within EZVid:

  1. Just fill in your title, description and keywords and select a category
  2. Click upload
  3. Log into your YouTube account.
  4. Watch the progress bar as EZVid saves, renders, and uploads your video to YouTube.
  5. When complete, a link appears to watch your new video on YouTube.

Check it out now at ezvid.com  – also, I should mention, that it’s 100% totally free forever! No subscriptions, no registrations, nothing….. so you have here an excellent alternative to paid software like One True Media, Animoto, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc. etc.

http://www.growmap.com/how-to-create-videos/) Don’t forget to comment and subscribe to the authors blog.


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