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Make a Direct Impact by Going Local

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on March 25, 2012

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For many entrepreneurs, local business means big business.

The digital world may have broken down boundaries, but in the rush to engage online with our  target audiences, let’s not forget about the opportunity knocking in our own backyards.

According to a recent study by Roost.com, just 15 percent of an average local business’s social media fans come from the city where the business is located. Small businesses must do more to reach their nearby customers.  

And that starts with a ZIP code.

Just ask Jim Lafeber, owner of Simon’s Shine Shop, a high-end car wash in Chicago. Jim came to my center looking for an effective way to communicate directly with his customers. He had been supplementing his direct-mail promotions with social-media activities, but his mailing lists had become outdated and expensive. He needed to take his direct-mail distribution to the next level.

Jim turned to an affordable, tool called Every Door Direct Mail. Created by the U.S. Postal Service, Every Door Direct Mail helps small businesses send advertising mail to targeted audiences without the need to acquire an address list. It helps build traffic, find new customers and increase revenue, and is available from The UPS Store franchised network.

Jim selected his target ZIP codes and provided us with his design file, and we handled the logistics of printing and mailing more than 20,000 coupons. This saved him the valuable time and expense of having to purchase a mailing list or travel from printer to Post Office.  Jim also saved $190 a year in mail permit fees.

Today, he happily reports new customers are flocking to his carwash to redeem the coupons. And he’s connected with a new audience without spending a lot or dealing with the logistics of a mass mailing.

Solutions from reaching hundreds or thousands of customers to printing your next brochure are closer than you think. They might even be in your own backyard.

Whether coupons or postcards, direct mail remains an effective way to communicate directly with customers. Every Door Direct Mail can help the process by:

  • Simplifying direct mail orders. You provide the mailing design, and The UPS Store handles the logistics—from printing to coordination with the local Post Office—so you don’t have to worry about the process.
  • Reaching all of your target customers: You pick the target area—whether city, neighborhood or a specified distance from your business — and the mailing will be delivered to every door.
  • Customizing your message. Today’s business communications are constantly evolving, and the old bulk printing approach has gone by the wayside. Quick, flexible printers can create quality collateral as your business and audience change.


Solutions from reaching hundreds or thousands of customers to printing your next brochure are closer than you think. They might even be in your own backyard.

About the Author: Tom Bellino is the co-owner of four The UPS Store locations in Chicago. He is a current Chairman’s Club member and past president of The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce. Prior to joining The UPS Store network in 2005, he was an executive at a local oil distribution company, preceded by an 18-year career at UPS, where he held several management positions.

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