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Web Directory Submissions: Efficient Promotion for Your Website

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on April 5, 2012

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Web Directory Submissions Efficient Promotion for Your Website

Online directory submissions are an important search engine optimization method providing quality backlinks. Although it can be time consuming, backlinks are crucial in order to obtain higher rankings in search engines. Currently, website link submission is one of the most popular and efficient methods to increase the popularity of your link system and to get top rankings in search engine result pages.

There are an incredible number of web directories available on the Internet and the number grows every day. With such a wide array of directories from general to specific, finding the right directory and performing a successful link submission is considered time-consuming, but it is worth the effort. The results are translated into quality incoming links and therefore, into significant amounts of targeted traffic. Building links via online directories is a great method of drawing the attention of search engines and generating traffic.

The Benefits of Directories

As mentioned before, each website directory submission provides a quality backlink. Considering that Google PageRank is generally used to evaluate a website, the link needs to be submitted to a good amount of high quality web directories in order to achieve a higher PageRank. Submitting to many directories will also help reach a significant number of targeted users. Some top directories allow submitters to add a description of their products or services; this way you will receive business-oriented and organic traffic.

Website directory submission, despite the generated benefits, is a simple process requiring website owners to fill out general information and a click on the submit button. It’s helpful to know the URL, the title (anchor text), a short description of the website and the email of the website’s administrator. As long as the information is accurate and meta tags and keywords are included, the submission will be accepted and the website will get a valuable backlink. You can perform web directory submission by yourself or you can hire SEO experts who can provide manual submission to top web directories as well as many other SEO services aiming to increase the exposure of your website.

Directories for Users

You would be surprised to know that many people search top website directories when they want to find a specific type of website. Taking into consideration that search engine optimization is a process that requires constant improvements, most of the SEO experts choose to submit their websites to web directories in order to exploit another source of traffic. It is far more easy for users who have just a general idea about what they are looking for to search relevant websites within top directories instead of surfing the entire web. Therefore, when submitting a website to a certain directory, it is very important to choose the right category as well as the title, the keywords and the meta tags.

Submitting to web directories has long-lasting benefits if you place them in the right directory (always check the homepage domain authority and page rank). Keep in mind the differences between manual and automatic submission, free and paid directories and moreover, you must know that some top website directories even allow human handle submissions while others use only software programs. If you choose web directories where humans perform the submission, this will ensure you that your website is properly checked before being submitted in order to avoid the spam and it will strengthen your reputation, generating increased amounts of traffic.

If you are eager to promote your website and boost visibility, then you should take into consideration all the aspects of a successful search engine optimization process. Submitting to top website directories is one of the most important, efficient practices that improve your rankings. Link popularity is key when searching to achieve high ranks in search engines. Moreover, it is an affordable way to promote your products and services with guaranteed results.

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