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Online Appointment Scheduling for Service Providers ~ Benefits of Using TimePicks

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on April 7, 2012

I found this post interesting and I thought I’d share here:
I like to share interesting posts and information about internet marketing that read in my Google reader. Let me sort through the junk to bring you the real goods when comes to local internet marketing for small businesses. I thought this was super useful. if you like it be sure to share maybe subscribe to the authors blog: http://www.growmap.com

Time Picks Online Appointment Scheduling Solution Online appointment scheduling is a time-saving convenience for small businesses and their clients alike – because it allows people to set their own appointments any time day or night 365 days of the year.

They don’t have to wait on hold or deal with voicemail or remember to call during your business hours which are often their work hours – and you don’t have to stop in the middle of waiting on your current customer to answer the phone.

TimePicks is super easy for your customers
to use and a breeze to set up for your business.

More importantly it sends reminders to your clients so they are less likely
to miss appointments – saving YOU time and increasing your income!

TimePicks Online Appointment Scheduling Book Online Button

Adding the attractive TimePick Book Online Button (shown to the right) to your site by simply copying and pasting a single line of code, enables visitors to your Web site to instantly book an appointment immediately – any time.

Setting Up Online Appointment Scheduling

All I had to do was fill in the simple form pictured below, and as soon as I clicked Create Free Account I was taken automatically to the login page – and my username and chosen password were even pre-filled for me.

Click the image to see the actual page:

Easy TimePicks Online Appointment Scheduling Setup

Click Image to see the actual LIVE signup screen – just to look or to sign up now

When I log in, I’m shown my dashboard which you can see in the image below. Everything I needed to do was pretty obvious, although I will share a few tips to make it even easier for you.


  • Click on the settings tab.
Online Appointment Scheduling Book Online Solution

Online Appointment Scheduling Book Online Dashboard

Notice the Copy this code just to the right of the Book Online button. Grab that code and paste it onto pages on your site when you’re done setting up to instantly enable live online scheduling for your clients. If you don’t handle that yourself, you can go ahead and send it to your tech person now.

The TimePick settings menu is simple and easy to use. Click the links shown in the image below to add the services you offer:

Online Appointment Scheduling Settings Menu

Online Appointment Scheduling Settings Menu

Set Up Services

Click the Set up services you provide link on the Settings Menu

Online Appointment Scheduling Services Setup

Online Appointment Scheduling Services Setup

  1. Enter a name for a service you offer.
  2. If you click Create New Service Category that name becomes a category you can put related services under.
  3. If you click Add New Service, you will see the screen below where you describe that service and select which category it belongs in.

IMPORTANT: You can easily edit all these fields
any time so don’t worry about making a mistake!
You can easily change what you enter later.

HELPFUL TIP: When entering amounts you may use the decimal point to add cents or use whole numbers. This field ONLY accepts numbers so do NOT use the dollar sign.

The screen capture below is what your created service will look like:

Online Appointment Scheduling Services Setup

Online Appointment Scheduling Services Setup

Set Up New Services

When you click the link to set up Services you provide you see the screen below and you just fill in the blanks.

How to Add a New Service To TimePicks Online Appointment Scheduling

How to Add a New Service To TimePicks Online Appointment Scheduling

What Your Clients See When They Go to Your Appointment Page

Once you have your services set up in TimePicks, all your customers have to do to book their appointment is to click on your Book Online button or go the link y0u provide them on any Web page or in an email.

The link looks like this:  yourname.timepicks.com – mine is http://growmap.timepicks.com/ You can click that link to see what an actual appointment page looks like or see the screen capture of my page below:

What Clients See When They Book Appointments at Your TimePicks

What Clients See When They Book Appointments at Your TimePicks

I actually put TWO services into TimePick but only ONE shows in the screen capture above. This is because I put them each in their own category so one is on the Small Business Mentoring tab (selectable under Select From Category) and the other is on the Small Businesses Service category.

Unless you have a LOT of services that need to be organized by category,
put all your service offerings in the same category

so that your client will see ALL of your services on the main page
because if you use separate categories, some customers
may not notice the categories or think to click on them!


Use the setup the staff Members who can perform the services link to create a calendar for each service provider in your business. Then use the setup staff Member Availabilities to add the hours and days they’re available and block out any meals or other breaks.

There are advanced options that let you decide how you want your appointments to be spaced, whether you want a buffer between appointments, and you can even specify that only existing customers can book appointments if you wish.

Dealing with Cancellations

Every service business has customers who have to cancel or reschedule. TimePicks makes this so much easier for you:

  1. It automatically emails reminder notices so your clients won’t forget about their appointments.
  2. Click Configure Lead Times, Cancellation Notice and Policy – default text and hours are provided for you. You can edit all these values if you know what you want – and if you didn’t you have a place to start and can tweak what works as you use the system!

Client Contact Lists

Your TimePicks account provides you with a list of your clients, their email addresses and telephone numbers searchable by last names.

TimePicks Online Appointment Scheduling Software
is the perfect fit for any industry:
Job Interview Scheduling, Life and Career Coaches, Virtual Assistants,
Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Medical Offices,
Physiotherapists, Hair Salons and Hairstylists, Dog Groomers,
Holistic Medicine Practitioners, Tutors, Fishing Charters,
Tax Services, Fitness Trainers, Golf Lessons, Health Spas,
Photographers, First Aid Classes & many more.

If your business is too small to have a full-time receptionist – or even if it does – there are advantages to letting your customers schedule their own appointments. Many people now prefer doing it themselves online.

Time Picks is a viable appointment scheduling solution for small businesses that sends email reminders to reduce missed appointments and lets your clients set their own appointments around the clock 24x7x365.

You can try it out to see how you like it without investing much time or ANY money – so if you think it could benefit your business go ahead and do it now while you’re thinking about it or at least make a note to check it out because you may not remember later.

Get setup in less then a minute and try it out for FREE.
no credit card required. Cancel any time.

The free version is enough for you to verify you like the system. A single practitioner would pay $19.95 per month. Up to 10 people is $39.95 and 20 staff is $79.95. All the paid versions allow for an unlimited number of client records.

What Does Online Appointing Scheduling Cost?Some will ask why they shouldn’t just use a free calendar tool for this. The answer is that having a system that reminds your clients to keep their appointments will increase your income far more than the cost of having the tool.

For more information visit the TimePicks site or follow them on Twitter @TimePicks and friend Timepicks on Facebook.

Online Appointment Scheduling Benefits

http://www.growmap.com/online-appointment-scheduling/) Don’t forget to comment and subscribe to the authors blog.


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