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Data Blog – New York City Subway Routes and Stations

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on June 10, 2012

I found this post interesting and I thought I’d share here:
I like to share interesting posts and information about internet marketing that read in my Google reader. Let me sort through the junk to bring you the real goods when comes to local internet marketing for small businesses. I thought this was super useful. if you like it be sure to share maybe subscribe to the authors blog: http://www.weogeo.com/blog/

New York City’s subway system is one of the oldest and most extensive public transportation systems in the world. The system’s 22 routes cover over 200 miles and transports over 1.5 billion riders annually.  New York City Subway Routes and Stations While New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) does not supply subway routes in a spatial format, in 2010, Steven Romalewski, CUNY’s Mapping Service director, took on the arduous task of converting the MTA’s GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) subway route data into a spatial format. In addition to creating a shapefile of subway routes, he also created a shapefile…

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http://www.weogeo.com/blog/Data_Blog-New_York_City_Subway_Routes_and_Stations.html) Don’t forget to comment and subscribe to the authors blog.


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