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5 Efficient Business Tools for Online Users

Posted in Internet marketing by smallbusinessonlinecoach on July 7, 2012

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Because of so many online tools out there, sometimes it is very difficult to choose. There are sites that offer tools for free while others are just free trial. Nonetheless, all of them serve their purposes depending on your needs. Here are just some considerable tools that can make your life a little bit easier.

1. Bitrix24

If you are spending too much time in social network with less work being done, then that could be a problem. But with Bitrix24, you can enjoy social intranet with Facebook-like features and a single workspace all in one. Just like the famous social network, you’ll get to enjoy instant messenger feature, activity stream, notifications and the mobile version. Bitrix24 is free for a group of 12 employees or less. It allows users to have access on free CRM, free task manager, free online storage, planner and more. But if you would like to add more users or employees and have bigger online storage, you can choose among the available service plans.

2. JetRadar

There are lots of promotions and deals online. Booking a flight is one of them but if you are having a hard time finding the best and cheapest deal possible even after checking several promo sites, then it is about time to use JetRadar. It is an advanced and quick meta search engine that can crawl through 35 agency and 728 airline sites which means that it can have access to exclusive airline company deals and provide you options to take advantage of it. If you think you want more than what Expedia or CheapAir is offering, then checking JetRadar would be a good idea. You can efficiently manage your time, effort and money while booking a flight.

3. PickyDomains

Are you having naming problems about domain or business slogans? Check out what PickyDomains has to offer. It is a risk-free naming service that allows client to pick a good domain name or slogan suggested by creative contributes. It has minimal fee as compared to naming or branding agencies. For $50, you can already have a catchy and domain name that can make your online business standout and be recognized. Business efficiency can really start from choosing the right domain name. As for slogan rate, it’s $75 per slogan.

4. RescueTime

Now, let’s talk about your own efficiency. Are you able to finish your tasks on time? Can you really stay away from lots of online distractions? If you need an effective online tool that can make you more efficient, RescueTime is the answer. This free web-based time management and analytics tool can help users with time tracking reports and graphs. The RescueTime Lite plan is free forever but you can also try the RescueTime Pro for a 14-day trial period. One of the most remarkable features of this one is the ability to block distracting websites for short bursts of quality focus. The Pro version is available for the subscription rate of $6 per month.

5. Yugma

There are times that you have to do most of your tasks online. And it means that even meetings should be conducted here. Thanks to Yugma, web conferencing, online mettings, desktop sharing and collaboration becomes readily available. Yugma Free allows you to host a meeting with onlien one attendee with a 30-minute meeting limitation. But if you want to enjoy more premium features, you can go for Yugma P series. Additional features include scheduling of meeting, recording of webcasts, using of Shared File Space and some webinar features.

These are just some of the online tools that can help you to become more efficient and productive either as a group or a team.

About the Author:  Liz is the admin of Make More Money Online and owner of several other blogs related to shopping, business, MTG trading card game, random reviews and more. As a blogger armed with creative ideas and weirdest imagination, she grabs every online opportunity that comes her way. Visit her site or follow her on Twitter via @lizmoneyweb to have unlimited access to blogging tips, online earnings and SEO techniques.

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